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Capelli al Sole ? Ecco come proteggerli

Capelli al Sole ? Ecco come proteggerli


Hair protectors in the sun

Sunscreens to protect hair in the sun wrap the capillary roots with a thin film that filters UV rays and acts as a barrier to water, sun and chlorine. Choose them according to the type of hair and their condition: Spray with a light texture: to be sprayed regularly over the entire length, they are perfect for fine and delicate hair, because they do not weigh down the hair. Protective oils: for thick and curly hair, they moisturize for a long time (even with a few drops) and protect the hair all day long despite repeated baths. Be careful not to overdo it if you want to avoid the "greasy" aspect of the hair, not always pleasant. Anti UV creams: ideal if you have thick and long hair. They can weigh down thin hair, but create a wet look perfect for thick hair. The advantage of creams is that they are very nutritious and therefore there is no need to apply them too often. Ideal moisturizing and repairing shampoo to eliminate chlorine or saltiness by taking care of the skin and lengths After-sun repair mask, a small dose of after-sun mask hydrates and repairs any damage caused by the sun or chlorine.